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We keep you updated of what is coming up in the Sai Mandir this evening, the next day or the next week so that the devotees can plan their schedule accordingly. So that no one miss any thing which is close to one’s heart.

Live Darshan

One may enjoy the bliss of the Holy Aarti even on the go. If you are away for a holiday or on a business trip, you can now still be in the touch of your Baba.

Langar Seva

Giving out food to the needy and the Prasad to the devotees is an integral part of the Sai Mandir. The langar seva is a hope of life for hundreds of poor. Thousands are served every month without fail, with the charities coming in from the devotees.

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The digital India finds its way into temples

The temples, which are normally recognized by the age old traditions are blending the modern technologies into their holy recipes. With the Sai Mandir leading the way, others may soon follow.

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The saint of shirdi turns 100

The popular Sai Mandir in sector 29 chandigarh is nowadays abuzz with activity and glittering lightening as the one hundredth anniversary of the sage arrives. The devotees are seen joining the evening aarti even in larger numbers.

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Sai Aarti Goes live

The Sai Mandir, Sector 29 chandigarh is first to go live with the daily aarti performed in the mandir. The devotees shall now be in touch with their faith even on the go, while away from town or while having to stay late in the office.

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